Integrated Sustainability Management
Integrated Sustainability Management

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Implementing organizational sustainability requires an integrated approach. The Integrated Sustainability Management certificate program utilizes expertise from leading research and practitioners to show students how to implement change across an organization. In the quadrant below, you see that four key areas of sustainability are taught. While each badge stands on its own, the four together provide a well-rounded and robust basis for becoming a highly effective sustainability management professional.

Integrated Sustainability Management
Collect badges to recognize new skills.
Integrated Sustainability Management Badges

The Integrated Sustainability Management Certificate is earned upon successful completion of all four badges. Students may choose to take one badge at a time or may register for all badges at one time and receive a discount. Students will have 2 years to complete the required number of badges to earn the certificate. A digital badge is an online representation of a competency or skill you’ve earned.

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Sustainability 101

Sustainability 101

Instructor: Brian Dunbar
Understand the business case for sustainability and the integrated approach necessary for making change.

Behavior Change 101

Behavior Engagement 101

Instructor: Jeni Cross
Understand the ways in which common sense can work against you when you want to inspire change toward sustainable behaviors.

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Integrated Sustainability Management Organization 201

200: Organizational Strategy & Alignment

Lead Instructor: Katie Wallace, New Belgium Brewing

Learn to integrate sustainability into organizational culture and strategic goals to save money and create a thriving workplace.

Course Topics

  • Developing Policies & Systems for Effectively Leading Sustainability Campaigns
  • Engaging Employees & Organizational Culture
  • Reporting & Storytelling

Integrated Sustainability Management Facilities 204

201: Optimizing The Built Environment

Lead Instructor: April Brown, Institute for the Built Environment

Learn strategies for reducing the financial and environmental impact of the built environment.

Course Topics

  • Starting with Good Design for High Performance Buildings
  • Managing Operations for Sustainability
  • Reducing Demand for Energy & Water and Minimizing Waste through Retrofits
  • Financing Capital Investments
Integrated Sustainability Management Resources 203

202: Natural Resource Management

Lead Instructor: Lisa Rephlo, Colorado Clean Energy Cluster

Understand best practices for optimizing the flow and consumption of resources in your organization.

Course Topics

  • Understanding the role of supply chain
  • Numbers are everything - Resource consumption analysis, tracking, and benchmarking
  • Prioritizing conservation campaigns for success
Integrated Sustainability Management People 202

203: People & Behavior Change

Lead Instructor: Jeni Cross, CSU Sociology & Pat Eloise-Young, CSU Psychology

Discover tools for engaging people in positive conservation behaviors.

Course Topics

  • Messaging to Change Behavior
  • Good Data – How to Get It and Use It
  • Designing Effective Behavior Change Campaigns
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