LENSES: Living Environments in Natural, Social, & Economic Systems

"If you want to teach people a new way of thinking, don't bother trying to teach them. Instead, give them a tool, the use of which will lead to new ways of thinking."
- R. Buckminster Fuller

LENSES (Living Environments in Natural, Social, and Economic Systems) is a premier regenerative design framework that guides teams in creating thriving organizations and projects. LENSES facilitates whole systems thinking, inspires creativity, and develops team capacity to go beyond doing less bad to creating abundance.

LENSES has sparked way-outside-the-box discussion and realizations in leadership retreats, community workshops, and college courses—facilitating regenerative solutions in as little as one hour. The outcome? Living Environments that foster and celebrate happier people, a healthier planet, and financial abundance.


The LENSES Framework

The LENSES Framework helps people create healthy, resilient projects, businesses, and communities that go beyond just sustaining. Through its flexible, step-by-step process, LENSES supports business, government, and nonprofit teams in defining and reaching their projects’ and organizations’ fullest potential.

The Framework accounts for project-specific considerations, paving the way for an intentional process of discovery rather than prescriptive solutions. This means that it can be applied at any scale to just about any project type—from the built environment to manufacturing to agriculture, and to initiatives as diverse as an office redesign, employee wellness program, or city plan. Applicable across a project’s entire lifecycle or during specific phases, LENSES can be used to manage an existing project, evaluate a program, or establish a new organization. It emphasizes group dialogue, guiding teams through whole systems thinking toward decisions and actions best suited to their unique situation.

LENSES helps teams to

  • Understand and identify opportunities to create Living Environments
  • Identify common values, definitions, and relationships to support team decisions
  • Build team capacity
  • Define regenerative goals and strategies to realize them
  • Evaluate success using context-appropriate considerations.

Get started by exploring the LENSES Overview Guide and the LENSES Facilitator Program.

The LENSES Overview Guide

The LENSES Overview Guide is your starting point to practice regenerative development and create abundance. Available to the public, this guide orients you to regenerative development, Living Environments, and the LENSES Framework. A supplemental Facilitator Manual is available only to trained facilitators and features structured, easy-to-use facilitation models and templates to support LENSES Facilitators in creating healthy, thriving places and organizations.

Download Overview Guide

The LENSES Facilitator Program

Get with the program! Join a fun and engaging group of thought leaders and set yourself apart by becoming a LENSES facilitator. Develop your personal toolbox for leading positive change while shaping the regeneration movement. Together with the LENSES Facilitator Manual, the Facilitator Program provides the resources you need to lead your team, organization, or community in creating Living Environments. The program features a collaborative online community and trainings; interactive, application-oriented team sessions; and one-on-one support from the creators of LENSES. The program is offered through our sister organization, CLEAR. Click here to learn about upcoming trainings.

Questions? Contact Helene Gotthelf, LENSES Program Manager, at helene@clearabundance.org.

LENSES Stories

Check out how LENSES has been applied to create impactful outcomes for a diversity of projects, including a veterinary teaching hospital, community coalition, university-based spiritual center, land use facilitation training, and university sustainability class.

LENSES Stories