2013 | Linking Performance & Experience: An Analysis of Green Schools

This study was conducted on a national sample of 12 green schools and illustrates the positive impacts of green school design. The schools participating in the study were designed with sustainability in mind, but had not been evaluated for the design effectiveness or the long-term impact on operations. Cost and utility data were collected for each sample school and compared to national and regional benchmarks. In addition, teachers and maintenance staff at each school were questioned to identify common perceptions and observations.

IBE Role

IBE facilitated the research process, establishing the scope, data collection, and methodological design.

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Citation: Barr, S., Cross, J., Dunbar. (2013). Linking Performance & Experience: An Analysis of Green Schools. Retrieved from Institute for the Built Environment at Colorado State University website: http://ibe.colostate.edu/documents/Linking_Performance_Experience_Apr2013.pdf

Project Type:Research
Client: DLR Group