Green Building Technical Assistance | Fort Collins, CO

In 2007, the City of Fort Collins created the Roadmap for Coordinated and Enhanced Green Building Services. This program was intended to define a green building vision for the City and provide recommendations for short, medium, and long-term actions to sustain green building in the Fort Collins area and surrounding communities in Northern Colorado.

In 2013, this program was updated, and included the recommendation for the formation of an interdisciplinary team of local experts to implement and enhance existing sustainable design strategies. The Institute for the Built Environment has been added to this team to offer technical guidance.

IBE Role

IBE will prioritize and implement strategies that maximize efficiencies and minimize greenhouse gas emissions in the City's built environment. As part of this effort, IBE will evaluate City building codes to identify barriers to full implementation of green design principles, and will develop mechanisms to track the financial and environmental effectiveness of the City's 2012 Building Code Green Amendments. This evaluation will form the basis for potential revisions to the City's building code, as well as suggestions for incentive mechanisms for property owners to retrofit existing buildings.
IBE will also work with City officials to develop web resources to communicate the City's green building goals to the public and provide technical resources to internal and external customers. Additionally, IBE will integrate the recommendations of the City's Steering Committee and various specialty groups into a broad climate action plan.

Location: Fort Collins, CO
Project Type: Urban Planning and Management
Client: City of Fort Collins