Project Research for [ours] Hyper-Localization of Sustainable Architecture


The book [ours] by Andrew Michler is a collaborative effort between eVolo, host of the annual Skyscraper Competition, and the Institute for the Built Environment at Colorado State University on unveiling new architecture archetypes from around the world. [ours] disseminates how the best architecture comes together to create regional identity in the 21st century while reducing their impact and improving quality of life.
The three main regions studied for the book are Japan, Spain and Australia. [Japan Condenses] includes some of the most innovative interior design in the world with space constrained design vernaculars leading to extraordinary solutions for urban living. [Spain Wraps] illuminates the dramatic reduction of energy use and improved natural lighting systems in Spain, while providing a new face for the built environment to their communities. [Australia Unfolds] explores the bold design practices which inform a contemporary sense of place and provide solutions to complex issues in an environment of extremes. Other regions from around the world will be explored under headings such as: [Germany Maintains], [Mexico Buries], [Cascadia Harvests], and [Denmark Plays]. The profiled projects are extraordinary and diverse, making for a powerful narrative on contemporary design.

IBE Role

IBE's involvement has been primarily in the research of Japan, Australia, and Spain providing insight into details of a variety of buildings and collaborating with Andrew to determine which buildings may be found in the book. The IBE also assisted early on with the Kickstarter campaign that helped fund the travel, etc. for the development of the work. Furthermore, the IBE is heading the development of the Place Assessment Tool or PAT, an integrated design attributes system used for the book's project selection. PAT promises to help design professionals visually prioritize place making needs and environmental attributes in design phase of project development.


  • By pushing the envelope these selected projects create new architectural archetypes, integrating function and form to improve performance.
  • The goal is to highlight the successful place making and sustainable strategies of each region and to encourage other regions to reach to new, different and higher aspirations in their architectural design.
  • The final product will be an art book with groundbreaking architecture design theory, large full color photographs of selected buildings, four regional chapter narratives, project descriptions, and a project drawing index with floor plans, elevations and diagrams.

Funding Agent:eVolo Architecture & Design Journal
Partner:Andrew Michler