2015 | Documentary: The Regenerates

What is a regenerate, anyway? Don't know, but want to be one? The Regenerates, a 45 minute documentary film, features thought leaders in regeneration from around the world. Along with fellow regenerates Chrisna du Plessis, Bill Reed, Pamela Mang, and David Johnston (among others), IBE's Brian Dunbar, Josie Plaut and April Brown explore key concepts of regenerative development. The film was composed by award winning film maker Alexander Melck, who used footage from the research from the 2015 book Designing for Hope and traces some of the key aspects of regenerative development and the people who are practicing it. The Regenerates debuted in the US at the Living Future conference in April 2015.

This winding, and sometimes wandering, film explores the forefront of thinking and practice that will lead to rebuilding the earth's capacity to generate healthy, thriving environments for all. Key concepts include cultivating a living systems approach for human endeavors and focusing on the essence of place to inform design. At the heart of it all, is a fundamental paradigm shift that sees the potential for humans to play a positive role in the health and wellbeing of the planet (not just cause less harm, as so much of the environmental and sustainability movements are focused on).

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The Regenerates from Phlogiston Creative Industries on Vimeo.