Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark

Harrison Street Real Estate (HSRE) has chosen to complete the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) as a part of their commitment to corporate sustainability. GRESB is an internationally recognized organization that assists firms in benchmarking their sustainability performance against peer portfolios. Firms who participate are required to complete a comprehensive annual survey. The benchmark survey details the management policies of the firm, sustainability performance indicators of assets in the portfolio, their monitoring processes, and other aspects relating to the firm's environmental, social, and governance. After the survey is completed, portfolios are compared and scored.

IBE Role

Submitting a GRESB survey can be a complex task for many firms due to their asset types, size of portfolio, and ownership structure. IBE assisted HSRE in analyzing their portfolio, using IBE's working knowledge of GRESB to maximize HSRE's score. By maximizing their score, HSRE can better communicate the sustainability performance of their fund investors, demonstrating they are accountable and proactive in their pursuit of sustainability.

Project Type: Organizational Sustainability, Certification
Client: Harrison Street Real Estate Capital