CanDo | The Built Environment Working Group (BEWG)

The Built Environment Working Group (BEWG) is a sub coalition within CanDo Fort Collins that focuses on the intersection of health and wellness in the built environment. BEWG is committed to increasing awareness and pursuing policy solutions to promote the creation of a healthy built environment. BEWG is made up of diverse stakeholders from the community who have a passion for the promotion of infrastructure to support multi-modal travel, programming of Safe Routes to School, and experience in engaging community members in project development and implementation. A recognized priority for BEWG is elevating the city of Fort Collins from a bronze-level to a gold-level walkable community.

IBE Role

IBE is managing strategic planning of BEWG coalition values, priorities, partnership potentials, and is locating sustainable funding sources to support community development and built environment infrastructure projects throughout Fort Collins.


  • Focus on health equity within the built environment
  • Emphasis on researching, measuring, and utilizing health metrics to guide project work
  • Advocating for an FC Walks position to advance pedestrian walkability in Fort Collins

Location: Fort Collins, CO
Project Type: Community Development