Integrative Process Gap Analysis | Denver International Airport

Denver International Airport

Denver International Airport has teamed up with IBE in hopes to improve their green building standards and overall project process in order to better support sustainability goals. Through reviewing the DEN project lifecycle and different employee outreach activities, IBE will identify gaps and opportunities for improving their integrative decision-making process. This work will help to embed integrative process into the culture of the airport through a more consistent and accountable project process, and allow DEN to remain on the forefront of airport sustainability.

IBE Role

IBE will do an overall document review analyzing DEN'Â?Â?s existing process and strategic goals for capital improvement projects. Along with document analysis, IBE will facilitate a core team kick-off and conduct a series of periphery stakeholder focus groups to better understand DEN's existing project processes. These preparatory efforts will all contribute to the Strawman Development of Framework to be delivered to the core team during a final workshop.

Location: Denver, CO
Project Type: Integrative Design Analysis
Client: Denver International Airport