IBE supported Bike Fort Collins’ implementation of an Active Living Program through a walking/biking survey, a health-focused community series, a youth summer camp, and overall project management.

IBE collaborated with Bike Fort Collins (BFC) to implement a Kaiser Permanente grant focused on increasing walking and biking – and improving related neighborhood connectivity and pedestrian safety – within Fort Collins’ Poudre Valley Mobile Home Park. IBE designed, implemented, and analyzed surveys to compare residents’ physical activity at the start and end of the grant period, and helped coordinate a community series that brought public officials and residents together to collaboratively address active living and health equity issues. IBE also led a free summer youth program focused on creative placemaking to enhance and express the children’s sense of place in their neighborhoods; youth participated in “pop-up” design challenges and a bike rodeo, painted murals, and more. Finally, IBE oversaw development of final reports for both the funder and BFC Board.

Key Outcomes

  • Increased resident advocacy for individual, neighborhood, and community level change
  • Residents’ enhanced sense of place and connection to others
  • Understanding of how built environment improvements and health programming impact residents’ physical activity


  • Pop-up projects that incorporated nature into new neighborhood infrastructure
  • Final report to funder, Kaiser Permanente
  • Project report for Bike Fort Collins Board

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