Working with community members to realize the City of Boulder and Xcel Energy Partnership goals

After voters decided to end a decade long effort toward municipalizing Boulder’s electric utility, the City entered into a partnership agreement with Xcel Energy bringing with them ambitious goals focused on renewable energy and greenhouse gas reduction goals.  As part of the agreement, a community advisory panel was to be put in place to provide community perspective, recommendations, and accountability to the partnership. In 2021, IBE was selected to design, deliver, and document public meetings and workshops for the 18-member advisory panel and the associated working groups with respective City and Xcel staff members.  The initial working groups are focused on identifying priorities for closing the 100% renewable energy gap by 2030 and on developing pathways toward building electrification. 

Multifamily Tenant Engagement | City of Fort Collins

Project Goals

  • Effectively engage the advisory panel in identifying opportunities and priorities for equitable climate action including 100% renewable energy
  • Build community relationship and trust
  • Develop and utilize an equity lens throughout process
  • Consider the expertise of the advisory and the working groups to inform the strategy for meeting the city’s goals