A Sustainable Regional Systems Research Network for Colorado

If you believe that researchers could be more effective partners for Colorado communities through the coming decades of profound change, you have found your people.

An Invitation

As a group of Colorado-based researchers, we are developing an integrated applied research network that serves to increase the health, equity, and vitality of communities across our region.

The environmental and socio-economic changes we face over the coming decades are dynamic and complex. We believe that working and learning together is essential for navigating the path forward; as researchers, part of our work is to examine our role and evolve our methods to meet the times. While integrated, applied, and engaged research is challenging, we are deeply committed to partnering with community members, practitioners, and policymakers as collaborators and agents for positive change. We are equally committed to growing our understanding and capability for working together across sectors, disciplines, and a diversity of perspectives.

The following activities will help develop reciprocal relationships across existing research networks and community partners, as well as grow our individual and collective capacities to collaborate at the intersections of research and society.  

How to Engage

We invite you to engage in this effort and work with us over the coming year through any or all of the following activities.

Network Development Workshops

Work together to explore & develop increased capacities & capabilities through shared language, concepts, frameworks, processes, & more.


Stay informed about the activities, findings, and progress of the network.

Regional Network Survey

Regional Network Survey

Help us develop a better understanding of the work & collaborations already happening around sustainable regional systems in Colorado.

Network Allies & Advisors

Network Allies & Advisors

Work with us to better understand where the research network fits and how it might be beneficial to your work & the communities of Colorado.

Desired Outcomes

Over the next year, our intention is to identify and grow capacity for a regional research network that is capable of co-producing actionable knowledge and understanding, in service to positive adaptation and regeneration of our regional social and ecological systems.

Our intention is to seek a full NSF Research Network grant that will enable us to connect and nourish our respective work through new collaborations, data sharing platforms, and structures to evolve the ways we practice research in service to society. Regardless of the outcome, we are committed to connecting researchers, practitioners, policymakers, and research networks in more powerful ways while growing our individual and collective ability to collaborate to benefit society.