Regional Network Survey

To elevate sustainability work across Colorado, we need to better understand the connections between collaborators and projects across the state.

To fill this need, we are mapping the social network and current efforts, activities, and projects of people focused on regional social, economic, and environmental sustainability efforts. We need your help. Sign up to take our network survey and to access the network tool.

What information is being gathered?

The survey will create social systems maps and a visual directory of individuals and projects/groups/initiatives, and will show connections indicated by participants in the network. We are interested in anyone who is working on sustainability focused projects or initiatives in Colorado that have had direct application in Colorado communities and ecosystems. These could include community-based or applied research, practical applications or development, sustainability initiatives, and more.

All survey participants will be able to access the map at any time, explore the network, and add new information. Our team (and any others who wish to collaborate) will analyze and measure aspects of the network (e.g., connectivity, network clusters, growth, and other measures) that will enable us to better understand and find ways to enhance the health and effectiveness of Colorado sustainability networks.

Who should complete the survey?

Researchers, practitioners, policymakers, activists, educators, and other community stakeholders who are involved in any type of work that connects with sustainability in Colorado may take the survey.

There are two parts to the survey:

  • The Personal Survey should be completed by anyone involved in sustainability focused projects or initiatives in Colorado. It includes basic bio questions and optional questions about your work, goals, and ideas for improving regional sustainability in Colorado.
  • The Projects, Groups, and Initiatives Survey should only be filled out by one person per project, group, or initiative. We know that we are actually a network of existing networks and that we all have been working together in different ways on many different efforts for years. You can tell us about your project, group, and/or initiative even if you are not currently seeking more members. We are trying to raise awareness of all the great work happening across Colorado and explore how our projects, groups, and collective initiatives connect us to one another. The CaiRNS (formerly SRS-RN) is one of the groups that is being tracked through the survey.

How long will it take?

Completing the Personal Survey will require 2-15 minutes; there are only a few required questions. Timing to complete the Projects, Groups, and Initiatives Survey is dependent on how many efforts you have to report. You can return at any time to answer additional questions or view the profiles of others involved in the network, or to indicate who you know or have worked with from across the network.

What is the methodology?

We are using a new online social systems mapping tool called the sumApp. This will provide a visual directory and tool for the network that can grow over time and provide insights into the ways that our sustainability work in Colorado is connected, as well as the gaps and places where we can benefit from building bridges. The app also works with the Kumu and Graph Commons platforms.

Colorado CaiRNS Survey

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