Community-Engaged Urban Renewal Priorities | Fort Collins Urban Renewal Authority

IBE and The Family Center led a series of community-engaged workshops focused on identifying priorities for future URA investments in its North College Plan Area.

In 2019-20, IBE worked with the Fort Collins Urban Renewal Authority (URA) to engage diverse and representative stakeholders in identifying strategic priorities for the use of URA funds in the City’s North College Plan area. Based on nine community workshops (six led by IBE; three by The Family Center/La Familia), IBE led the report development and presentation of the community priorities to the URA Board. The community-identified priorities will be integrated into the strategy and allocation of URA investments through the remaining 10 years of the plan area Tax Increment Financing.

Key Outcomes

  • Recommended integration of community input into URA’s ongoing decision making process
  • Increased community understanding of URA’s role
  • Understanding and articulation of diverse community priorities
  • Greater community ownership of URA development outcomes


  • Design and facilitation of six community engagement workshops
  • Summary of past plans and documents related to North College area
  • Documented examples of how URAs across the nation have used URA funds in innovative ways to stimulate the economy and create a sense of place
  • Final report summarizing IBE and The Family Center-led workshops, prior plan area reports and documents, and precedent projects from around the country
  • Recommended changes to existing URA project evaluation framework to integrate community-based priorities