Supporting sustainability through process mapping, stakeholder engagement, and project team member education

Being a large organization with many active design and construction projects going at once, the staff at DEN Airport were struggling to involve the right people at the right time. To identify opportunities to more effectively engage stakeholders throughout the decision-making process, IBE conducted a review of the DEN project lifecycle and related processes. Based on our findings and in collaboration with DEN staff, IBE developed a customized online course to educate team members and embed an integrative process into the airport culture, enabling DEN to remain on the forefront of airport sustainability.

Online Trainings for Integrative Process | Denver International Airport

Key Outcomes

  • Greater alignment of stakeholder roles and project expectations within airport infrastructure teams
  • Improved processes for meeting sustainability goals

Project Deliverables

  • Report of recommendations for improving DEN’s integrative decision-making process to consistently achieve a high level of sustainability on every project
  • Five-part online training on best practices for engaging stakeholders in DEN projects, taken by project managers, stakeholders, and contractors