Elicia Ratajczyk is a Project Manager at the Institute for the Built Environment focused on Organizational Sustainability. She recently finished a Ph.D. in Environmental Social Science with a concentration in Complex Adaptive Systems Science at Arizona State University. She also holds a Masters in Architecture, graduate certificates in Sustainable Urban Infrastructure Systems and Historic Preservation, and a Bachelor’s of Environmental Design from the University of Colorado.

Elicia does participatory and community-based research focused on how dynamic natural, social, and built infrastructures come together and how people work together within these systems to solve problems and meet their collective needs. Her dissertation research involved working with groups of farmers in Nepal to understand how they perceive and address problems such as climate change, natural disasters, and conflict in their management of shared irrigation-canal systems that support their food, domestic water, and economic agriculture systems. Elicia is an experienced facilitator and academic researcher and has also worked professionally with private, government, and non-profit clients as a sustainability, organizational development, design, and historic preservation consultant.