Equitable Climate Action Planning Facilitation | City of Longmont

In partnership with the City of Longmont, IBE guided two diverse working groups in developing equitable climate action recommendations for the City.

In response to passing a resolution that declared a climate emergency in October 2019, the City of Longmont needed to quickly develop community-informed, equitable climate action recommendations. To support this work, IBE partnered with City sustainability staff to structure workflow, consensus building, and recommendation development for both the Climate Action Task Force and Just Transitions Plan Committee. IBE structured and managed a process for developing and reviewing recommendations, leading to group consensus on those presented to Longmont City Council. To help realize equity and inclusion goals, IBE supported the Just Transitions Plan Committee in defining “equitable climate action,” and in creating and applying an “equity lens” to reveal opportunities, barriers, and blind spots around equity within climate action. Finally, IBE also led community survey development and analysis, and engagement activities in Spanish, English, and for mixed language audiences with live simultaeneous translation.

Key Outcomes

  • Working group consensus on climate action recommendations, including an ongoing way to approach equity and just transitions for future civic policies and activities
  • Capacity building around civic engagement for members of historically underrepresented communities
  • Community awareness, engagement, and insights related to equitable climate action


  • Equitable Climate Action Recommendations Report
  • Framework for future equity and inclusion engagement
  • Community questionnaire development and analysis