Hannah Love is currently a Ph.D. Student in the Department of Sociology. She has two Master’s Degrees, an M.S. in Student Affairs and Higher Education, an M.A. in sociology from Colorado State University, and a bachelor s degree from the University of Kansas.  Rock Chalk!

Hannah is a community sociologist and her research uses mixed methods including social network analysis to understand long term learning outcomes in higher education.  Most assessment in higher education is conducted immediately after a course or upon graduation.  However, if the mission of institutions of higher education is to create life-long learners and critical thinkers institutions need to research what alumni learned that impacted their careers/lives.

Hannah’s current project is studying the science of team science.  To solve many of the wicked problems now facing our world such as climate change, violent crime, or water shortages, scientists will need to work in an interdisciplinary fashion to combine and transform knowledge.  However, working in a team to combine scientific knowledge across disciplines presents many challenges.  Colorado State University has a team science team, who coaches, trains, collects data, and provides feedback to support interdisciplinary research teams.  The team works with research teams on campus including the Catalyst for Innovative Partnership (CIP) program https://vpr.colostate.edu/rao/team-science/catalyst/.