Katherine Vega is a Program Manager for the Institute for the Built Environment focused on addressing health disparities through built environment interventions and community capacity building. She is a graduate of the Colorado School of Public Health at CSU having earned her Master’s in Public Health with a concentration in Global Health and Health Disparities. Katie has worked on several projects at IBE including the Fort Collins EcoDistrict initiative, the National Western Center research forum and redevelopment sessions, Denver Water strategic visioning, the CanDo Built Environment Working Group, and presently the Salud Community Health Hub model development in northwest Fort Collins. In her spare time, she is training to become a certified yoga instructor.

As a Los Angeles native, she is greatly interested in learning how smart growth strategies and cross-sector collaboration in communities can improve and systematize population health and wellbeing. As a mixed-race public health professional, she offers a unique lens to IBE project teams often speaking to topics of equity, inclusion, and diversity within communities. Her passion for health equity has led her to develop strong relationships with and to facilitate collaborations among various nonprofits, organizations, and community leaders in Fort Collins. She strives to continue her work in strategic capacity building at IBE to promote the health and wellbeing of Fort Collins community members.