Designing socially vibrant and healthy active-ager communities

Residents in Fort Collins need housing options available to them that are compatible with their changing lifestyles. IBE has been assisting Waters’ Edge, LLC and Thrive Home Builders as they develop Sonders, a new sustainable active-living community for “active-agers” – those seeking more free time and fun, things to do, and meaning in life. As part of IBE’s broader Lifelong Homes Initiative, IBE researched evidence-based best practices for specific design and construction features that would contribute to healthy, sustainable, age- and disability-friendly homes. Over the past two years, IBE has guided the development and integration of these criteria into the planning and design of the homes and community at Sonders. The community will include parks, trails, a sustainability center, a learning center, community gardens, and other healthy attributes.  Most importantly, the design supports social and environmental determinants of health for the people who will call the community home.

Sonders seeks to pilot certify as the first Lifelong Homes Community. Information about the Lifelong Homes features and criteria will be provided to prospective homebuyers and pilot Lifelong Home certifications will be offered to those who wish to pursue certification, making this the first community to earn Lifelong Homes certification. The first Sonders homes are expected to be available in early 2023.

lifelong homes

Key Outcomes

  • Identified factors contributing to an age-friendly and socially sustainable community
  • Establishment of the first certified Lifelong Homes community

Key Outcomes

  • Incorporate Lifelong Homes criteria into development of Sonders homes and community