Residential real estate designed to enhance health, wellbeing, and happiness and transform the industry.

When NAVA Realty developed Lakehouse in the Sloan Lake neighborhood of Denver its vision was to create “a new era of living well,” which was implemented through sustainable design supported by extensive wellness education and programming for residents. Partnering with Realwell, a local non-profit working to make buildings healthier, NAVA achieved WELL Gold certification for a complex of condominiums, rowhomes, and penthouse. NAVA brought in IBE to better understand the impact of Lakehouse’s healthy and sustainable design and programming on residents’ health, wellbeing, and happiness. IBE is leading research that includes pre- and post-occupancy surveys and focus groups, and may expand to include a resident community connectedness evaluation.

Multifamily Residential Health & Wellbeing | NAVA Realty, Inc.

Key Outcomes

  • To research and inform best practices for healthier environments in the real estate sector
  • To illustrate the health benefits of living in the Lakehouse community

Project Deliverables

  • Research findings report