Multifamily Tenant Engagement | City of Fort Collins

To enhance the City of Fort Collins’ multifamily building energy challenge, IBE is designing behavior change resources and coordinating technical trainings.

The City of Fort Collins, Colorado, is hosting a multifamily building energy challenge to help property managers benchmark their properties and to educate tenants about energy conservation and the relevance of ENERGY STAR scores. To maximize challenge successes, IBE is managing all aspects of challenge support resources, including designing strategy, coordinating technical volunteers, training energy ambassadors, and coordinating trainings and data jams. IBE is applying its expertise in community-based social marketing to tailor tenant engagement resources to the unique needs of the City’s diverse properties and their communities.


  • Design of tenant engagement strategy, adaptable across diverse properties and tenant communities
  • Development and delivery of tenant engagement guidance to property managers and energy ambassadors
  • Recruitment of technical experts and energy ambassador volunteers