IBE will facilitate the development of the CSU Guiding Sustainability Framework for the National Western Center project and will facilitate stakeholder and partner input meetings emphasizing standards development.

Colorado State University, University Operations project team sought to develop a guiding framework for the redevelopment of the National Western Stock Show grounds and surrounding areas as part of the National Western Stock Show Master Plan update.

IBE will use the LENSES Framework, the City of Denver’s Sustainability Goals, sections of the emerging neighborhood plans (Globeville, Elyria-Swansea), and previous work by Parsons Brinkerhoff as a basis for the development of the new guiding principles.

Key Outcomes:

  • Guiding Principles: A distinct set of values that are mutually beneficial and are the basis for guiding project development and decision-making.
  • Project Goals: Focus areas and targets that articulate a vision for success and decision making.
  • Standards & Programs: Determine which established and public recognized standards and/or programs can be used as metrics for sustainable development (e.g. Architecture 2030, STARS, Ecodistricts, etc.) and are most relevant and applicable for the National Western Center project.