IBE conducted an assessment of the No Barriers Field Campus and related organization to create a narrative context and history for the location.

IBE conducted background research through interviews, a site visit, reviews of past reports, and historical documents. Research included identifying key milestones and relevant contextual patterns and trends. The focus was on the relationships between flows and synthesizing information to identify the essence of place. This process provided an initial understanding of the vision, primary motivations, risks, key players and helped to identify stakeholders. Furthermore, the understanding gained from the contextual assessment helps the team to recognize potential and develop deeply appropriate solutions.

Key Outcomes

  • Background research including interviews, a site visit, reviews of past reports and historical documents
  • Shared vision, guiding principles, and concepts for master plan development

Project Deliverables

  • Background research summary presentation
  • Workshop design and facilitation


“IBE did a terrific job facilitating a diverse group of individuals coming together to dream up the future of our mountain campus. Most importantly, they helped our team hone in on the heart and soul behind the project so we were aligned on vision and purpose.” – David Shurna, Executive Director, No Barriers USA & Co-Founder, No Barriers Youth