Our WELL v2 Occupant Comfort & Wellness Surveys offer basic and customizable options to help you understand how your building is impacting your occupants: What’s working well, what’s not, and why.

Core Services

Our survey is currently focused on office buildings, and we are developing a version for multi-family residential projects. At this time, our core survey addresses the following aspects of occupant comfort, health, wellness, and performance:

  • Office layout
  • Workspace adjustability
  • Thermal comfort
  • Air quality
  • Lighting
  • Acoustic quality
  • Building cleanliness
  • Wellbeing & health conditions

We offer survey services ranging from basic to customized. Basic services include administering and analyzing the survey, and providing a basic report of results. Our customized services offer opportunities to

  • adapt and add survey items specific to your organization, building, programming, and concerns;
  • receive a detailed report that interprets survey results;
  • receive a report of recommendations for improving your building and programming; and
  • present results, in-person or remotely, to your leadership team or organization.

When pursuing customized services, IBE works closely with you from survey design to reporting to ensure that we are asking the right questions, analyzing the data based on your challenges and opportunities, and providing actionable recommendations for building operations and programming improvements.

Additional Services

We offer these related services to better uncover opportunities to make your building and programming as effective as possible for your employees and tenants:

  • Interviews & Focus Groups: We conduct one-on-one interviews and/or focus groups with your organization’s executives, decision makers, and additional occupants. Interviews and focus groups provide additional understanding of patterns and unexpected outcomes from your survey by offering deeper insight into occupants’ experience and motivations.
  • Social Network Analysis:
    • For Organizational Projects: Many teams depend on knowledge integration across diverse sets of expertise to be successful. For these teams, connectivity between team members can be a strong predictor of innovation and success. But it isn’t enough to have more team members or more meetings; instead, it is the team structure—the relationships between people—that is the key to successful projects. IBE can assess team relationships by adding a Social Network Analysis (SNA) module to your survey. We can also develop and guide execution of an action plan to improve your teams’ networks.
    • For Multi-family Projects: One predictor of human health and wellbeing is an individual’s social networks and support. A Social Network Analysis (SNA) assesses social support by mapping relationships between people, including those who provide social, emotional, and fundamental support. We can include an SNA module in your survey to assess the effectiveness of your building’s design and programming in facilitating social relationships. We can also offer recommended strategies for enhancing your tenants’ social networks.
  • Program Design & Management: Our surveys, interviews, and focus groups can provide you with an abundance of information regarding how your building is performing for and impacting occupants. But this is where the real work begins. Armed with greater understanding of your building and programming, we can work with you to develop and manage an action plan that helps you realize your goals.

Why should you use a third-party survey provider? Read this article by Angela Loder, IWBI Vice President of Research, for an overview of the benefits.