Occupant Comfort & Wellbeing Surveys

As a pre-approved WELL survey provider, we help you understand how your building is impacting your occupants’ health and wellbeing.

Building Occupant Surveys

People being comfortable indoors has never been more important. Through our research-based occupant surveys, we help you understand how employees, residents, students, or others feel in their spaces. Based on this understanding, we provide insights into how you can make targeted improvements to support the health and wellbeing of the people you serve. 

As a pre-approved WELL survey provider, we can quickly and affordably help you meet your WELL survey requirements (Credits C04, C05, and T02). 

Whether or not you are seeking WELL certification, our occupancy surveys are a great way to understand how your building and policies are working for the people inside, and how to make them better.

Survey Topics

The following topics are part of our standard occupancy survey (required to meet the WELL C04 precondition):

  • Acoustic quality
  • Air quality
  • Building maintenance and safety
  • Learning outcomes
  • Lighting
  • Nature
  • Nutrition
  • Office layout
  • Thermal comfort
  • Water
  • Sleep
  • Productivity
  • Workplace wellness support
  • Workspace adjustability

 We also offer these optional topics (eligible for WELL C05):

  • Sick building syndrome
  • Nature (expanded to include values relating to, level of access to, and experience of nature)
  • Creative thinking
  • Assessment of individual work style, patterns, processes, space utilization, and ability to focus/collaborate
  • Learning outcomes (currently only available for higher education projects)

Survey Services

Our survey services range from basic to customized. Basic services include administering and analyzing our standard survey and providing a basic report. We specialize in advanced services, customizing surveys to your specific needs and questions, and providing more informative reporting and actionable recommendations. As part of a custom scope, we can present results to your leadership team or organization.

Why should you use a third-party survey provider? Read this article by Angela Loder, IWBI Vice President of Research, for an overview of the benefits.

Additional Services

We offer additional services to help uncover opportunities to make your building and programming as effective as possible for occupants.

Interviews & Focus Groups: These activities provide additional understanding of patterns and unexpected outcomes from your survey by offering deeper insight into occupants’ experiences and motivations.

Social Network Analysis

For Organizational Projects: Many teams depend on knowledge integration across diverse sets of expertise to be successful. For these teams, connectivity between team members can be a strong predictor of innovation and success. IBE can assess team relationships and make an action plan to improve team connectivity.

For Multi-family Projects: One predictor of human health and wellbeing is the strength of an individual’s social network and support. We can assess the effectiveness of your building’s design and programming to understand how well it supports social relationships and offer recommendations for improvement.

Program Design & Management: Our surveys, interviews, and focus groups can provide you with useful information regarding how your building is performing for and impacting occupants. Armed with greater understanding of your building and programming, we can work with you to develop and manage an action plan that helps you realize your goals.