Policy and consensus language for a just transition to a renewable energy economy in Colorado

In the face of a changing climate and a changing economy, environmental organizations, labor unions, community advocacy groups, and the green faith community needed to work together to develop policy language they could all support.  The organizations involved at the table had a mixed track record of working together and sometimes landed on opposite sides of a given piece of legislation.  IBE was selected to help the group develop shared understanding, guiding principles, goals, and strategies that would be developed into policy recommendations for a just and equitable transition to a clean energy economy in Colorado.  Through effective framing and facilitation, IBE developed trust and dialogue between the organizations and individuals, helping to relieve tensions and invite constructive exchanges of perspective and information.  Through the engagement, the group was able to develop shared values, guiding principles, and a set of mutually agreed upon targets and strategies for each principle. The outcomes of the work together strengthened the relationships between the diverse members of the group and helped them identify common ground for future legislation. In addition to facilitation, IBE provided graphic design and language development throughout the process and for the final deliverables.

The work was made possible from a grant from the People’s Climate Movement.

Just Transitions_wind turbines

Key Outcomes

Project Deliverables

  • Design and facilitation of six half-day regenerative dialogue sessions
  • Graphic representation of vision, values, and principles
  • Language development and documentation of guiding principles, goals, and strategies