Regenerative Dialogue for Just Transitions in CO

IBE used regenerative principles and frameworks to facilitate dialogue Between diverse stakeholder groups focused on identifying common ground toward just transitions to a renewable energy economy in Colorado.

IBE designed and facilitated six half-day conversations with representatives from environmental organizations, labor unions, communities of color, and the faith community to develop shared guiding principles, goals, and strategies for a just and equitable transition to a clean energy economy in Colorado.  IBE established trust and open dialogue between organizations and individuals who were often on opposing sides of legislation.  Through the engagement, the group was able to develop shared values, guiding principles, and a set of mutually agreed upon targets and strategies for each principle. The outcomes of the work together was to strengthen the relationships between the diverse members of the group and to identify common ground for future legislation. In addition to facilitation, IBE provided graphic design and language development throughout the process and for the final deliverables.

The work was made possible from a grant from the Peoples Climate Movement.

Key Outcomes

  • Increased capacity and improved relationships to work on contentious issues together
  • Alignment on vision and principles, plus over 80% agreement on goals and strategies
  • Informed and supported passage of legislation at the state level including
    • HB-1314 for the creation of a Just Transitions office, and
    • SB-236 focused on securitization of coal-fired power plants and was supported by labor and environmental groups alike.

Project Deliverables

  • Design and facilitation of six half-day regenerative dialogue sessions
  • Graphic representation of vision, values, and principles
  • Language development and documentation of guiding principles

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” The work together contributed to the legislation that was passed – both substantively through the language and the actual passage due to previously shared value & relationships developed.” – Workshop participant.