IBE implemented the LENSES framework and facilitated a planning Charrette for the revitalization of the Seacombe West Eco-Community.

Seacombe West is a planned Eco-Community dedicated to regenerative, sustainable development on Australia’s largest inland waterway. The revitalized property will be separated into thirds, allowing each to thrive individually and together as a system. The land owner was inspired to revive the area after witnessing years of degradation from salinization and erosion. LENSES was used as a guide for a series of large planning charrettes, involving the development team, local residents, University of Melbourne faculty and students, government officials, indigenous populations, and leaders in regenerative design and development throughout Australia.

Key services

  • Workshop design and facilitation

“LENSES is the best tool I know of that provides a framework to operationalize regenerative contributive development.”
– Dr. Dominique Hes, Director Thrive Research Hub, University of Melbourne