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We simplify the design and certification of high-performance buildings and communities.

Third-party certifications are important for team accountability and public trust of high-performance projects. They can also help push our collective expectations and for the built environment forward. But certification processes can often be complex and cumbersome.. Our 20+ years of experience managing certifications such as LEED has provided us with the skills to simplify the process and achieve the highest levels, while making it fun and inspiring for the project team.

Core Services

We have over twenty years of experience in certification management, specializing in LEED, Green Globes, Enterprise Green Communities, Living Building Challenge, and newer systems such as BREEAM-In Use, ARC, EcoDistricts, and the WELL Building Standard.

We are a team of superior project managers, committed to meeting your goals in an organized, reliable, and efficient manner.

High-performing buildings and developments hinge on a well-executed integrative process and we understand this process better than anyone (demonstrated through ground-breaking research, project experience, and publications).

Kick-off a new project with a visioning and programming charrette. Using IBE as a third-party facilitator is the best way to set meaningful goals, inspire stakeholders, establish an inclusive, collaborative team process, and build the foundation to achieve the highest certification level possible.

We offer basic and advanced WELL v2 services to help you understand how your building is impacting its occupants: What’s working well, what’s not, and why. Learn more.

We are creating and testing a certification program for Lifelong Homes that promotes the development of safe, healthy, and accessible homes for all. The program strives to support more housing options equipped to meet the changing needs that come with aging and/or disability, and that incorporate the latest research on environmental and social determinants of health. Learn more.

Project Highlights

Have a project in mind?

Contact us to talk with a project manager about your project or program.  We’ll work with you to create a custom scope of work that best suits your needs. Together we define a clear process and defined outcomes that will advance and elevate your work.

"A superb value for any design team. IBE simply know a lot more about LEED certification than people who don’t do it exclusively. IBE’s involvement can easily increase a buildings LEED rating by an entire level over not having IBE involved."

- Timothy Belton, AIA, Malone Belton Abel P.C.

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