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Organizational Sustainability

We develop programs that advance your organization's sustainability performance and nourish your people’s wellbeing.

We specialize in program design and program management across a diversity of client and project types. From strategy to corporate education to occupant engagement, we use a human-centric lens to help companies, municipalities, and non-profits identify and realize their sustainability goals.

Core Services

We design, implement, and evaluate sustainability plans, corporate education, and organizational change initiatives.  Our approach is based on facilitated and inclusive planning processes that help teams articulate their vision and goals, and define a clear path forward.  From there, we work to expand your team’s capacity and positive impacts by offering solutions that address your unique challenges and opportunities.

Building occupants—whether employees or tenants—play an instrumental role in the efficiency of buildings and often, need to be educated and engaged to reduce their impact. Our expertise in sociology and community-based social marketing guides custom designs and engagement programs for your unique occupants that result in long-term change.

We use reporting frameworks like GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) to develop public reports which authentically communicate vision and progress. We use The Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark to evaluate opportunities and compare real estate portfolios and investment funds. We are adept at compiling a response for GRESB that is as painless as possible.  

Building occupants play an important role in the efficiency of buildings, and often they need to be engaged and educated about their role. Our expertise in Sociology and Community Based Social Marketing (CBSM) methods allow us to develop a program tailored to your audience and resources.

Using tools like BREEAM in Use, EnergyStar, or LEED EB+OM, we support building managers in implementing programs to improve the sustainability and energy efficiency of their buildings. 

We offer an unbiased research perspective to help you understand how your building operations and policies impact occupant comfort, health, wellbeing, and performance. Our occupancy surveys account for the specifics of your building, programs, and occupants, and give you actionable outcomes to improve performance. Whether you are WELL certifying a project or seeking to develop a plan to make your building and programming work better for your people, we can help. Learn more.

IBE guides schools on their journeys toward becoming healthy and green. Our Whole-School Sustainability Framework helps schools integrate health and wellness into their facilities, grounds, and curriculum, and across their student body, staff, administration, and community. IBE has supported dozens of schools in designing and implementing Whole-School Sustainability.

Selected Project Highlights

Have a project in mind?

Contact us to talk with a project manager about your project or program.  We’ll work with you to create a custom scope of work that best suits your needs. Together we define a clear process and defined outcomes that will advance and elevate your work.

"IBE listened to us and created a path to being a better business which balances all things with our People, Planet, and Prosperity initiative. They transformed our business."

- Ted Rollins, CEO Valeo Groupe

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