Statewide Whole School Sustainability Strategy | Missouri Environmental Education Association

IBE is providing strategic guidance to shape a new program that will integrate Whole School Sustainability into schools throughout the State of Missouri.

IBE is providing strategic advisory support to the Missouri Environmental Education Association (MEEA) as it designs and implements the Missouri Green Schools (MGS) project, a state-wide Whole School Sustainability and tracking program that is coordinated with the US Green Building Council. In partnership with Americorps, MEEA is providing extra support to high-needs Missouri schools (rural and urban) through training and resources. IBE is helping to make connections between MGS, the US Department of Education’s Green Ribbon Schools, and the Green School Alliance.  In addition, IBE is guiding program strategy and helping the partners use the Whole School Sustainability framework and related messaging, training materials, and case studies effectively.

Key Outcomes

  • Strengthened relationships between like-minded organizations working to promote green schools


  • Whole School Sustainability messaging
  • “The Promise of Healthy Green Schools for Missouri” presentation