Corporate sustainability planning and dynamic teambuilding to champion short- and long-term sustainability goals

Seeking to develop a long-term corporate sustainability strategy and culture, Steamboat Ski & Resort’s Director of Sustainability and Community Engagement turned to IBE for support. IBE is guiding the formation of an employee green team with representatives from every major department.  IBE is also working with the full executive leadership team to facilitate in a series of conversations that are enabling short- and long-term sustainability goals and strategies. Through this collaboration, Steamboat Ski Resort will design a customized sustainability plan that honors the resort’s authentic relationship with the ecosystem and community of Steamboat, Colorado.

Steamboat Ski Resort

Project Goals

  • Develop an employee-driven sustainability strategy that integrates seamlessly into company culture and operations
  • Create cross-departmental “Green Teams” to serve as long-term sustainability champions


  • Corporate sustainability strategy
  • Formation green team and develop organizational sustainability culture