Private support is vital to the success of IBE’s mission.

As an enterprise center at CSU, all of our funding comes from off-campus projects, research grants, and private donations.

Private donations support CSU students in advancing IBE’s strategic initiatives in ways that our project work cannot: by translating research to practice to guide the entire green building movement forward. Your gift will support student scholarships and stipends, and our special programs, such as Lifelong Homes.

“I give to IBE because they are a wonderful collaboration between CSU and the construction industry. By working with them, I get the benefit of the latest research in sustainability and construction, and students get experience in the real world. I really appreciate this collaboration and am happy to support it.”

Sue McFaddin

IBE Strategic Initiatives

Join us in advancing the development of healthy, thriving built environments by supporting IBE today with a personal or corporate investment.

Gifts of all sizes make an impact, enabling us to advance our strategic initiatives.

Brian Dunbar Future Leaders Fund

Support student mentorship and honor Brian Dunbar, founder and executive director of IBE, by donating to the Future Leaders for Built Environments fund. Established by CSU’s College of Health and Human Sciences, the fund recognizes Brian for his outstanding mentorship of CSU students.