How We Work

Our ultimate aim is to grow whole community health by uplifting and nourishing the relationships between people and the places where they live, work, and learn.

IBE’s methodology is based in a regenerative, living systems paradigm sourced from the uniqueness of each place and each individual with whom we work. 

Through our professional practice, we cultivate the will and capability of our clients and their stakeholders to recognize and realize the significance of their work. Our core value is in skillfully delivering services and research that elevates the work of change agents, community leaders, and technical professionals.

Project Partnering

How We Are Hired

IBE forms interdisciplinary teams of university faculty, staff, and students to perform services and research across Colorado and beyond. As a self-funded entity within Colorado State University, IBE is made possible by charging fees for services, and through research grants and charitable donations.

We lead service for fee and research work directly, or work as subconsultants to a larger team. In our service for fee work, we contract with clients with the understanding that real-world work experiences provide excellent learning opportunities for students in related academic programs at CSU. Students work under the guidance and supervision of IBE staff on select tasks. In this way, we offer a high level of service and professionalism while mentoring future change agents, community leaders, and technical professionals.

“The work together contributed to the legislation that was passed – both substantively through the language and the actual passage due to previously shared value & relationships developed.”

Just Transitions Workshop Participant

“The workshop was my initial hook into the project. I was completely enamored with the whole day and I left energized. It started the foundation for me and planted the seed for what the project could be.”
Fort Collins Community Health Hub LENSES Workshop Participant & Collaborative Member

Project Partners