Who We Serve

IBE is a trusted strategic partner for community leaders and change agents seeking to make a positive difference in the places where we live and work.

We move fluidly between executive board rooms, community meetings, design team workshops, and interdisciplinary academic settings.

Municipal & Government Leaders

We grow relationships and trust between municipalities, government leaders, and the communities they serve. We also help internal teams work within and across departments and with vendors to realize community benefits through capital projects, planning efforts, and select programs.

Architects & Engineers

Designers & Engineers

We elevate outcomes for design and construction projects by guiding goal setting and collaborative workshops with your clients and project partners. Our support of group processes and third-party certifications give you the space to focus your talents on the project at hand.

Schools Leaders & Educators

Schools, Leaders & Educators

We provide guidance and support to school leaders and educators who want to integrate sustainability into school culture, buildings and grounds, and educational programming. Our Whole School Sustainability Framework is based in research and proven through lived experience with sustainable schools across the nation.

Researchers & Research Teams

Researchers & Research Teams

We expand the capacity and capability for researchers and research teams to develop and contribute their genius toward social and ecological health. We support research endeavors through team building, collaborative workshops, strategic support, and program management.

Business & Organizational Leaders

Business & Organizational Leaders

We help industry leaders bring their visions to life. Whether you seek to change the industry, prove a concept, or evolve your organization, we serve as strategic thinking partners and project managers who can turn ideas into reality.

“Like many firms, we’re often challenged by our own capacity to take on internal initiatives. IBE helped us overcome that challenge by enhancing our team’s capabilities, while also providing valuable support, education, and perspective. We’ve collaborated with IBE for over a decade and knew they would be excellent partners to help with this initiative. We trust the team at IBE, have recommended them in the past, and will continue to recommend them to our friends and peers.”

Pete Jefferson

Principal, BranchPattern

“IBE helped us bring community members and neighbors to the table and turn concern and opposition into dialog and support. Their skillful facilitation and outreach techniques were perfectly designed to suit our needs and tremendously valuable in the ultimate success of our project.”

Kristen Fritz

Chief Real Estate Officer, Housing Catalyst

“IBE was a tremendous partner for us in our efforts to design and build a building that brings together sustainability and livability. From help with the initial conceptual vision to LEED certification, IBE helped guide us to meet our goals and create the best possible outcome.”

John Hayes

Dean, CSU Warner College

“IBE listened to us and created a path to being a better business that balances everything we do through the lens of people, planet, and prosperity. They transformed our business.”

Ted Rollins,

CEO, Valeo Groupe

Clients and Funders