Heart of a Building: Energy Efficiency Strategies for High Performing Buildings (CE Webinar)

Heart of a Building, an exciting new technical documentary series, shares the stories and the tactics of the people who design, finance, and construct the buildings of tomorrow, today. The documentary series will inspire you with the heart-centered reasons to build with the Earth, and energy, in mind.

Surpassing the idea of simply building to meet energy code minimums, the first course in the series digs into the project’s technical strategies. In Energy Efficiency Strategies for High Performing Buildings, Heart of a Building shares information on energy efficient building envelope systems, R-values, U-values, types of heat transfer, insulation, and ground source heat pump systems. In the technical videos, three exemplary buildings in the real world are shown to demonstrate how these concepts work in practice.

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This class qualifies for the following credits:

Dwelling Contractor Qualifier Certification