Since 2013, IBE has been providing technical expertise, research services, and program recommendations to the City of Fort Collins’ green building initiatives.

IBE has supported the City of Fort Collins in its Climate Action Plan and green building goals by providing facilitation, research, and program guidance. As part of this effort, IBE works closely with the City’s Green Built Environment Program to inform its programming and communications.

Key Outcomes

  • Analysis and report on the roadblocks and challenges that the City of Fort Collins faced internally to successfully adapt and manage the establishment of the Climate Action Plan
  • Authorship contributions to the Climate Action Plan sections on Carbon Sequestration & Land-Use and District Scale Innovations
  • Structure, priorities, and direction for launching 10 cross-departmental teams responsible for integration and implementation of the City’s Climate Action Plan
  • Deepened understanding of stakeholder needs and barriers in green building to inform communications, education, and incentives

Project Deliverables

  • Post-occupancy survey of the City’s newest building (which earned LEED v4 Platinum certification with IBE’s LEED administration support ), which assessed impacts of green building on occupant satisfaction, health, and productivity
  • Recommendations for City green building incentives, based on research of incentive models of municipalities across the United States
  • Recommendations for a City green building website strategy to meet internal and external stakeholder needs
  • Report of barriers in City building codes to full implementation of the Climate Action Plan and green design principles
  • Developed mechanisms to track the financial and environmental effectiveness of the City’s 2012 Building Code Green Amendments (which formed the basis for potential revisions to the City’s building code) and suggestions for incentive mechanisms for property owners to retrofit existing buildings

“For two years, IBE has assisted the City’s Green Built Environment Program, consistently delivering research and program advice in a timely manner and with useful insight. IBE has contributed deep subject matter expertise and third-party validation given its position within a reputable university.” – Tony Raeker, Green Built Environment Program Coordinator, City of Fort Collins