Regenerative leadership development and strategic planning

Valeo Groupe Americas, a rapidly growing student housing and senior living company, was seeking to grow customer loyalty and improve employee engagement simultaneously. IBE worked with Valeo’s leadership team to conduct annual corporate-wide strategic planning and to provide bimonthly leadership development sessions. Leadership development sessions focused on advancing business strategy, customer experience, and internal operations through a regenerative business paradigm.  Among other strategic initiatives, Valeo completely retooled its employee review and advancement approach, developed a new strategy for customer experience, and reorganized functional teams to deliver higher quality processes and products for its building portfolio. 

Multifamily Tenant Engagement | City of Fort Collins

Key Outcomes

  • Increased leadership capability
  • Improved customer experience and employee engagement
  • New employee review structures and processes

Project Deliverables

  • Annual strategic planning workshops
  • Ongoing leadership development courses