Researching cutting-edge lighting technology for occupant health and wellbeing

When The Light Center sought to understand firsthand how BIOS, an innovative circadian lighting technology, impacts occupant health and wellbeing compared to conventional LED lighting, they turned to IBE to help quantify the difference. The newly renovated Community Impact Center located in north Fort Collins and owned by the United Way of Larimer County offered the perfect research site because it was already undergoing a lighting upgrade. IBE designed a study that used occupancy surveys, a mood tracking mobile app, and site visits across over time.  Data analysis includes the relationships between various lighting configurations (LED versus BIOS, windows versus no windows, dimmers versus none) and factors such as occupant health, mood, and productivity.

Multifamily Tenant Engagement | City of Fort Collins

Key Outcomes

  • To understand the impact of the new BIOS lighting technology on the health and wellbeing of building occupants
  • To support The Light Center in providing research-based evidence to their customers

Project Deliverables

  • Research plan
  • Occupancy surveys
  • Research summary