Whole School Sustainability

Realizing the full potential for healthy green schools requires a whole-system approach.

Our Whole School Sustainability Framework is based on decades of working and learning with leaders in sustainable schools across the nation.

The framework is organized into three pillars: organizational culture, physical spaces, and educational programs. Within these pillars are a total of nine principles, all based in research and tested through lived experience.

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By prioritizing the health and sustainability of your school buildings, you promote student and staff safety, health, and wellbeing; realize operational cost savings; support student achievement and staff effectiveness; and provide hands-on learning and community service opportunities that strengthen ties with your local community.

IBE guides schools in designing and implementing unique health and sustainability plans, establishing leadership buy-in, cultivating champions, and facilitating green teams.

We would be honored to support you in designing and implementing a Whole School Sustainability plan that supports the health, wellbeing, and safety of your students, teachers, and other staff.

Whole School Sustainability Framework

Through a partnership with the Center for Green Schools, IBE developed the Whole School Sustainability Framework whitepaper, which provides an overview of the pillars and principles, and short case studies.