Lifelong Homes

Homes are the heart of our communities and the hubs of our lives.

Imagine homes that help us live our best lives, no matter our age or ability. This is the vision of IBE’s Lifelong Homes program. In collaboration with partners across Colorado, we are creating and testing a certification program for Lifelong Homes that promotes the development of safe, healthy, and accessible homes for all.

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Why Lifelong Homes?

The older adult population in Colorado and globally is growing rapidly. People are living longer, and the largest generation the world has ever seen is now into retirement age. Over 21% of adults in Colorado and 25% of adults nationally live with some type of disability, such as a visual, mobility, cognitive, learning, hearing, mental and/or social disability.

To keep pace with demand, we need more housing options equipped to meet the changing needs that come with aging and/or disability, and that incorporate the latest research on environmental and social determinants of health.

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In partnership with organizations across Colorado, IBE is developing and testing the Lifelong Homes criteria for diverse types of homes and communities across Colorado. We are working toward a statewide standard that helps overcome market and industry barriers to Lifelong Homes and meets the following goals:

  • Guiding developers and builders on how to create more Lifelong Homes
  • Informing homeowners and homebuyers of Lifelong Homes features; and
  • Providing municipalities with tools to accommodate everyone living in their communities.

Currently, we are working with partners to understand the needs and perspectives of diverse stakeholders, and to gather input and feedback on our criteria and how to move forward in creating the standard.

Are you interested in partnering with us or piloting the certification system on your own home? 

Qualities of Lifelong Homes

We know more today than ever about how our environments can impact our health, wellness, and longevity. Based on the latest research on environmental and social determinants of health, IBE has designed five categories that re-define what makes homes safe, healthy, and accessible for all. Lifelong Homes are thoughtfully designed with these factors in mind to help us live our best lives, no matter what changes arise.

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Thanks to Our Supporters

The Lifelong Homes initiative is possible thanks to the generous support of Actual Communities Inc., the City of Centennial, Colorado State University’s Office of the Vice-President for Research, Connell Resources, and the Rose Community Foundation, and the collaboration of our partners: Lifelong Colorado, Columbine Health Systems Center for Healthy Aging, the Larimer County Partnership for Age-Friendly Communities (PAFC), the Nancy Richardson Design Center, the City of Centennial, the Rose Community Foundation, Waters’ Edge, LLC., Connell Resources, and New Town Builders.

Interested in joining the Lifelong Homes support team?