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We facilitate groups to make better, more integrated decisions

Stakeholder engagement is essential to innovative projects. If you’re like most, you’ve probably found it hard to get alignment with so many people the room. If so, your project could probably benefit from an external facilitator. Facilitators ensure your group doesn’t get lost in politics, power struggles, or lack of alignment on goals and strategies. At IBE, we facilitate design charrettes, community workshops, and strategic planning that push your team toward higher levels of innovation and success.

Core Services

Any time you are starting a new endeavor, we can help. Whether you are launching a new strategic initiative, a building project, a community coalition or a master planning process, using a third-party facilitator like IBE is the best way to set and clarify goals and establish an inclusive, collaborative team process.

Whether your goal is to engage broad stakeholder input or to address challenging community concerns, IBE can help structure and facilitate constructive and beneficial dialogue.

We help your team identify strategic sustainability initiatives that align with and advance your core mission and organizational culture. We use tools like StratOp to source the creative potential that exists naturally within your group or organization.

Serving as a bridge between research and practice, we bring together CSU faculty and off-campus professionals to develop solutions for real world application. Our role is to effectively facilitate your team, assure timely delivery of results, and provide subject matter expertise.

Selected Project Highlights

Have a project in mind?

Contact us to talk with a project manager about your project or program.  We’ll work with you to create a custom scope of work that best suits your needs. Together we define a clear process and defined outcomes that will advance and elevate your work.

"IBE was a tremendous partner for us in our efforts to design and build a building that brings together sustainability and livability. From help with the initial conceptual vision to LEED certification, IBE helped guide us to meet our goals and create the best possible outcome."

- John Hayes, Dean, CSU Warner College

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